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About Humberstones

Since our inception in 1937, Humberstones have built up a reputation for quality service and national coverage backed by local knowledge. Humberstones are the only business transfer agent to be a trading partner of the National Federation of Subpostmasters.

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Licensed Premises

Cheers everyone

Let's be straight. We call time on time wasters. Do you really need them? No! We thought not and neither do we.

Whether you've got a thatched country pub or high street local to sell, and whether it is freehold or lease we've got the know how and all the contacts so you get to deal with only the serious purchaser that's right for you. (We're talking about everyone from multiple operators and companies to private individuals).

After so many years in the market, we know all about the factors that influence the value of your business. We make sure that we get the value right to get you the maximum price with the minimum of fuss in the shortest possible time.

So if you're thirsty for the right sale at the right price we should be talking to each other. Then we'll all be celebrating.

Post Offices

The biggest stamp of approval

It's no idle boast. We're the country's number one in the sale of sub Post Offices. In fact, we're the recommended trading partner of the National Federation of sub Postmasters.

It's our in-depth knowledge and exclusive know-how that's so highly respected. That is, not just knowing every inch of the market, but all the 'ins and outs' for the transfer of the Post Office appointment as well. We can offer advice on the Post Office Business Plan and interview procedures.

So if you want a first class service - who are you going to call?

Nursing and Residential Care Home Sector

Totally hands on

You'll know. We'll know. But no-one else will - apart from our carefully screened buyer, of course. You can count on total discretion. As you would expect we have an in-depth knowledge of the Care Quality Commission (CQC England) and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW), all of which will save you from many a headache and sleepless night.

An instant valuation assessment is given and your property sold via a confidential register of suitably vetted purchasers. Should any advertising be required - well, that'll be handled with all the sensitivity you'd expect too and as you would expect at our expense.

So want the best sale with total confidentiality? You've got to hand it to us.

Newsagents, Off Licences & General Retail

Number one-bar none

Surely you want people with bags of experience? You want people that really know your business and know what they're talking about?

At Humberstones we understand the different needs of potential purchasers like affordability and lifestyle for example. Many retail businesses are on lease, so we sort out what's required by the landlord for the assignment to suitable buyers.

It's know-how like this that has led to several major national newsagent chains using our services to dispose of a large number of their outlets.

If you want the right people to sell your business then check us out.

Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants & Tea Rooms

It's all on a plate

Do you want everything to go down smoothly? Then it's our years of know-how and specialist knowledge you need.

We've always had a special interest in every aspect of the Hotel & Catering industry. Whether you're selling a country house Hotel, Guest House, Commercial Hotel, Restaurant or Tea Rooms anywhere in the country, we know the problems to look out for and the right questions to ask. In short, we anticipate any potential problems so there are no problems.

Want an easier transaction? Guess who won't make a meal of it?

Marine & Leisure

No loose ends

We know all the ropes and it certainly shows. Correct valuation relies on real knowledge of these specialist businesses which can be vastly undervalued by 'amateurs'. Also, as you can imagine, there are plenty of time-wasting 'pipe-dreamers' who would like to run this type of operation, so you need us to weed them out from the serious purchaser.

When it comes to marine sales, we're old hands. That's why we've handled sales as diverse as coastal marinas, yacht brokers, charter companies and sailing schools to inland canal and narrow boat operators, boat builders, chandlers and many more.

Thanks to our expert know-how, you can safely forget about any knotty little problems.

Business Finance

Oiling the wheels

Let's face it. The financing of any business purchase calls for real know-how. It also calls for the kind of expertise that knows how to present the best case to the right people.

As you might expect, we are able to offer totally independent advice on business and residential mortgages and re-mortgages, secured or unsecured loans, and insurance. We know just who to talk to. We talk straight and get straight to it. Plus unlike some, we're always there for you. Well, have you tried getting hold of your bank manager recently?

We deal with a large number of mortgages and business loans every month through our specialist finance division. So if you want everything to run smoothly, doesn't it make sense to call on us?